Maison Siccardi
Photography, Retouch & Color Correction

Maison Siccardi

Client: @maisonsiccardi
Concept, Photography & Retouch: @elisagiulianodotcom

Maison Siccardi is luxury leather’s brand, handmade in Italy.
In 2014 I worked for the realization of their new adv campaign.
During the first meeting Angelica Benoffi, owner of the company, emphasized how important it was for Maison Siccardi to use materials with the highest quality standards, all produced in Italy, processed by the expert hands of Italian artisans with highly competence and ancient experience, regularly registered and protected in their jobs, with maximum respect of our laws. Their products are aimed at a female target, as a tribute to the desire of innovation and seduction.
Immediate, in me, the idea that each bag, customized in colour and shape, could resemble its owner.
Skin, glance, brass buttons, imperfections, all references to the female body.
A body that is not afraid to show itself, both in detail and in its complexity.
A female’s body, as the bags that we wanted to show.

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