Families of Choices
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Families of Choices

(work in progress)

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What does it means “family” today?
“Families of Choice” is an English definition that explains the growing increase in cohabitation worldwide.
Italy is a country full of discrimination. The idea of different is still alive and rooted in the common thought of the average citizen. It is still too hard to accept that others can have the same rights as us.
The conception of the traditional Catholic family is disappearing, but our country does not yet seem ready to accept some individuals can be considered, and consider themselves, as a family.
The interference of the Church and Catholics certainly had great weight. The presence of the State of the Church within the Italian territory historically affects any aspect of daily life, but it is general ignorance, which is the basis of the arguments put forward by those opposed to the approval.
This thought becomes even more critical when addressed to two individuals of the same sex.
Families of Choice (started in 2013, work in Progress) aims to show existing realities, families that live ad families every day, even if Italian government doesn’t consider them as families.
It is addressed to all people whose union, up to now, was not legally recognized in Italy.

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